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Amal for Education educational and recreational centres, libraries and workshops.


Amal for Education distributes basic aids like bread, clothing, sheet and matresses, hygiene kits and also educational kits, books and recreational kits for children.

Child sponsorships

With child sponsorships you can follow and help a child in his struggle for a better life.

Our programmes

Amal for Education educational programmes range from literacy both for children and adults, catch-up classes and programmes for cultural and artistic activities.

Our Publications

Amal gathers a group of teachers and university professors in Italy and abroad working constantly on original and updated publications freely distributed.

Educational and recreational centre for Syrian refugees in Kilis on the Turkish-Syrian border. Everyday a safe point for hundreds of children

Bayt Al Amal - Kilis

Amal'art is an artistic and crafts workshop involving dozens of Syrian refugee women that meet every day and share ideas, stories and new techniques in order to produce objects that are complyant to Arab traditional culture.

Amal'art - Syrian Women's Workshop

MaM is a project by Amal for Education within the “Studying is your freedom campaign to support education for Syrian refugees. Our children's library in Kilis hosts thousends of books in Arabic, English and Turkish.

The library of the future

Every day we meet children who are in great need: who work or have no access to education. With a sponsorship you can do something for a Syrian child and follow their progress.

Child sponsorship

Amal Therapy is a project involving a group of girls from our Bayt Al Amal Centre who each week deliver educational and recreational kits to Syrian children in Kilis Devlet Hastanesi.

Amal Therapy

Monthly support to involve Syrian girls and teenagers through a collaborative program with our educational and recreational centers for 5 hours a week.

Girls at work

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Make a gift by helping our projects grow, buying products made in our workshops around the world.

Solidarity gifts

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