Amal for Education is made up of volunteers in the education sector: teachers, students, linguistic mediators, university professors and any citizen of any country shares the idea that the key to society is coexistence, solidarity, inclusion and respect and that these are pursued through education, knowledge and support for those with the greatest difficulty and a shared solidarity, so as to make each one capable of determining himself.

Amal develops projects without any religious, ideological or political affiliation, respecting the culture, education, economy and traditions of the countries in which it operates.

Amal is aimed directly at children and adults in difficult settings, schools, teachers and adults who have not had access to literacy and study. Amal for Education starts from the conviction that the first step in acquiring one's autonomy, for the pursuit of one's own happiness and personal fulfillment and growth, of the faculty to understand others is in the possibility of carrying out one's own study path and in seeking the his own way to interpret the world. The school provides these first irreplaceable instruments. Teaching enriches both those who teach and those who learn.

Our objectives

  • the creation, strenghtening and support of schools and cultural and educational centres in Italy and abroad, maily addressed to refugees;
  • economical support of children and adults and families in need;
  • development and promotion of autonomous study and reading with the creation and support of libraries, children libraries and activities to promote reading;
  • collaboration and development of projects with humanitarian and cultural organizations, schools and educational centers;
  • the support and promotion of commercial and craftmanship activities (especially regarding women) with the double objective of stimulating economy and social activities and to give back revenues for the support of educational activities
War among its ruins leaves school, with the communities of teachers and children that allow it to live and grow. For this reason, AMAL for Education tries, with specific and documented projects, to promote education, without any restrictions regarding contents or methods, by supplying materials, manufacturing its own materials and supporting projects characterized exclusively by educational aims and respecting the richness and diversity of cultures.


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