missionAmal for Education is non profit organization constituted by volunteers in the education sector: teachers, students, cultural mediators, university professors and any citizen that shares the idea that the key to society is coexistence and respetc and that those can be pursued by education, knowledge and support of needing people in order to make them able to determine themselves.  connecting with other volunteers and associations for the development of educational programmes. Amal is strictly non political, non religious and non ideological and aims to support local projects in order to promote education, culture and economical growth.

Our motto is "Studying is your freedom"

Amal develops project without any religious, political or ideological purpose and respecting culture, education, economy and traditions of the countries where it operates.

Amal directly addresses the situations of children who live in difficult social contexts, teachers, schools and adults who haven’t had the opportunity to access literacy and study. Amal for Education assumes the belief that the first step for the exercise of one's rights and for the search for happiness and self-grouth is the ability to understand others, either similar to us or different in culture, education and origins. Understanding others means being able to interpret and to know them. School gives these first irreplaceable tools to the individual and enriches the teacher as an individual as much as the pupil.

Our objectives
  • the creation, strenghtening and support of schools and cultural and educational centres in Italy and abroad, maily addressed to refugees;
  • economical support of children and adults and families in need;
  • development and promotion of autonomous study and reading with the creation and support of libraries, children libraries and activities to promote reading;
  • collaboration and development of projects with humanitarian and cultural organizations, schools and educational centers;
  • the support and promotion of commercial and craftmanship activities (especially regarding women) with the double objective of stimulating economy and social activities and to give back revenues for the support of educational activities

Amal does not believe in pure assistance with aids, but tries to incorporate the support in larger projects stimulating and granting growth and continuity in the interventions we make.

War among its ruins leaves school, with the communities of teachers and children that allow it to live and grow. For this reason, AMAL for Education tries, with specific and documented projects, to promote education, without any restrictions regarding contents or methods, by supplying materials, manufacturing its own materials and supporting projects characterized exclusively by educational aims and respecting the richness and diversity of cultures.


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