Open Educational Resources (OER) were introduced by UNESCO in 2002.

They are educational materials and tools for learning and teaching, like textbooks, guides, lessons, powerpoints, software made available for free to be used and distributed by Creative Common licenses, available here.

AMAL for Education supports the production of Open Educational Resources and invites associates and collaborators to produce useful materials for projects and shares them in this space.

How does it work?

It is all free. The resouces can be used, printed, distributed and shared with the condition of citing the author(s) and licence. The resources can be used only in educational or informative activities with no commercial, lucrative or fundraising events associated, without the specific written authorization by the authors and owners of the copyright.

It is forbidden the use of the resources contained in this section (and in the website) for activities not compatible with the statute of Amal for Education. More specifically presentation, illustration, usage of the resources cannot be associated with political activities. E.g. it is forbidden the use of resources and materials from this website and all OER in conferences, presentations, manifestations, demonstrations, shows with the presence of any of the parties involved in the Syrian conflict.

Can I propose my resources?

Of course. If you have developed original resources or tools that can be useful in this speace, we will help you to prepare them for a high quality free version to be uploaded here and to be shared as OER on this site.

Can I change, edit, modify the resources and reuse them changing something?

No, the resources have a licence "no derivative work". This means that if you want to use the resources you have to use them as they are. If you edit or modify the resouces you can be legally sued. All resources are protected by copyright.

In the case it is indispensable for you to produce resources derived from OER present here, you need to obtain an explicit written authorization from the copyright owners and agree with them the modalities and opportunities of reuse and modification.

Can I use the slides, images, texts to do fundraising?

No, it is not possible to associate the OER contained in this site to do fundraising (of individuals, groups, associations, etc), unless you have obtained an explicit written authorization for that use by the copyright authors and, if specified in the licence, by Amal for Education.


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